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Air Venturi



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The Air Venturi .50 cal Air Bolt is a brand new and exciting way to hunt with an airgun. It's a perfect blend of archery and traditional rifle hunting as these Air Bolts really pack a punch and can be accurately shot at distances up to 50 yards!

Using the Dragon Claw .50 cal we were able to achieve speeds just over 500 fps. Which means these 430 grain carbon fiber bolts can achieve 230 foot pounds! That's more than most heavy duty crossbows, but yet all from the ease of your airgun that can still fire slugs making for a double use airgun.

Each arrow comes with a 100 grain field tip inserted on the bolt with standard threads that can be swapped out with other standard broadheads. Hunting just got a lot more exciting.

Note that some state agencies consider the Air Bolt a muzzle load thus you may be able to hunt during muzzle loader season. Some state agencies, like Michigan, will not allow you to hunt with Air Bolts so make sure to check with your local state agencies to confirm what game and when you can use your Air Venturi Air Bolts to hunt with.

Air Venturi Air Bolt Features

  • 0.50" Caliber bolt

  • Velocity up to 500 fps (when used in Sam Yang Dragon Claw)

  • Power up to 238 FPE (when used in Sam Yang Dragon Claw)

  • 430 grains including 100 grain field tip

  • Overall length 23"

  • 300 Spine

  • Constructed from 100% Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber

  • 6 Air Bolts per package

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