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Enhanced Piston Head Ctlinder Set

Enhanced Piston Head Ctlinder Set

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  • Grooved for better heat dispersion 
  • Precision CNC machined cylinder and cylinder head
  • Ventilation holes increases cycling
  • Size matched piston head improve air seal for optimal performance
  • Ball bearing in the piston head helps with smoother rotation of spring during compression 
  • Manufacturer: Lonex


    Size: 6.75” X 3.25” X 1.54” IN (In packaging)

    Weight: 3 OZs (In packaging)

    Compatibility: XM-177, CAR-15 

    Material: Steel, Aluminum,  Polycarbonate, Rubber 

    Package Includes: 1: Cylinder 1: Cylinder Head 1: Nozzle 

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