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Matrix Titan Hop-Up Bucking for VSR-10 / GBB Airsoft Guns

Matrix Titan Hop-Up Bucking for VSR-10 / GBB Airsoft Guns

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  • Rubber construction
  • Increase hop up accuracy and consistency
  • Easy installation
  • Prevents double feeding
  • Enhances maximum range performance

Manufacturer: Matrix

Color: Orange

Model (Type): 70 Degrees


Hardness: 70 Degree
Suggested Power Output: M110~M150 / 380~490 FPS
Material: Rubber
Compatibility: For VSR-10 compatible Airsoft Sniper rifles, also compatible with GBB rifles and pistols

Bucking Hardness vs FPS Optimization chart
  • 50 Degree: 250~350 FPS / 0.20g bb
  • 60 Degree: 250~420 FPS / 0.20~0.25g bb
  • 70 Degree: 380~490 FPS / 0.23~0.30g bb
  • 80 Degree: 480~630 FPS / 0.25~0.40g bb
    *This chart is intended for reference only. Every rifle is unique and result may vary. Please use Matrix, and compatible high grade bbs for best results.

    Installation Instructions: During installation, it is a good idea to apply some light silicon oil on the bucking. Keeping the bucking lubricated will prolong the longevity of the bucking and o-rings involved in any Airsoft equipment.

    About Matrix

    Established in 2001 for Airsofters by Airsofters. Team Matrix thrive on the vision to better the sport of Airsoft with affordable high quality Airsoft equipment. With decades of experiences as Airsoft enthusiasts ourselves, we live, sleep, and breathe Airsoft. Matrix offers a wide selection of skirmish grade replicas from rifles to pistols, a wide variety of accessories, and tactical equipment from helmets to boots. It is the Matrix mission to prepare every Airsoft shooter the perfect experience!

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