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ENOLA GAYE - CM75 Smoke Grenade - The Cloud Maker

ENOLA GAYE - CM75 Smoke Grenade - The Cloud Maker

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  • Produces thick smoke cover 
  • Lasts up to 3 Minutes 
  • 3 meter safety distance 
  • Cool burning 
  • Completely biodegradable body

Manufacturer:  Enola Gaye


Length: 6.8 in

Diameter: 3.1in

Weight: 1.5 LBs 

Ignition Type: Wire Pull

Effect: 3 minutes of smoke 

Package Includes:  1: CM75 Cloud maker 


-Caution, Smoke May Stain, protect clothes and surfaces

- This Product Generates Heat, Wear Gloves When Using and Wait 15 minutes after smoke subsides before picking it up.

- Smoke Can Drift, be careful not to obscure the visibility of vehicles or pedestrians

- Misuse of this product may lead to prosecution.

-Due to the nature of this item and the complexity requirement on shipping, smoke grenades cannot be returned

- Hazard Type For Storage = HT4 , Store in a secure, cool, dry place in it’s original Packaging

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