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GATE - ASTER V2 Programmable MOSFET

GATE - ASTER V2 Programmable MOSFET

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  • Basic firmware 
  • Allows you to program via app or trigger
  • Protection against battery reverse polarity
  • Proximity trigger sensor 
  • Programmable trigger for quick and basic function with aid of LED colors and vibrations
  • Binary trigger as basic function
  • Optical gear cam sensor supports all types of gears 
  • GCS app allows for making firmware updates via the internet 
  • Wired to the rear
  • Manufacturer:  GATE


     Size:  2.5” X 0.5” IN

    Weight:  3 OZs

    Compatibility: Most airsoft AEGs

    Material: polymer/ electronics

    Package Includes: 1: Gate Aster V2

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