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GATE - Titan Programmable MOSFET

GATE - Titan Programmable MOSFET

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  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity 
  • configurable fire selector 
  • AUG mode allows for a progressive trigger 
  • Rate of fire control 
  • Delay your shots from 0.5 up to 3 seconds in semi with “Sniper Delay”
  • Smart trigger allows for for faster trigger response
  • Manufacturer:  GATE


     Size:  2.5” X 0.5” IN

    Weight:  6 OZs

    Compatibility: Most V2/V3 gearboxes (Depending on model)

    Material: polymer/ electronics

    Package Includes: 1: Titan V2/3 Module 1: USB link 1: installation Kit 1: Quick Start Guide  

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