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DYE - Assault Pack 3+4 Pod blk/gry

DYE - Assault Pack 3+4 Pod blk/gry

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Pack Assault 3+4 Pod blk/gry


DYE Assault Pack is the result of a ton of research and consulting with players and designers. The goal was to create the most functional and comfortable paintball harness on the market. The Assault Pack is the go to choice for pro and recreational players alike. If you want the best in quality and performance, choose the DYE Assault pack.

Model: 3+4

Holds 7 Pods Total - 3 Main Pouches - 4 Elastic Loops
Cupped Neoprene Ejector Loops
Quick Release Handles
Stay Open Pod Loops
Neoprene Comfort Belt
Compression Molded Hip Padding
Plush Compression Back Panel
Memory Elastic
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