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TAGINN - "Pecker MK2" Trainer Non-Marking Airsoft Dummy Projectile

TAGINN - "Pecker MK2" Trainer Non-Marking Airsoft Dummy Projectile

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  • Capable of extreme range due to rifled shell (purchased separately)

  • Reusable design

  • Lightweight and low profile

This dummy projectile is a pure training grenade that can be reused (depends on its condition). With Pecker you can sharpen your grenade launcher shooting skills. This grenade projectile when combined with the TAGINN 203 shell is capable of extreme range and accuracy due to the design of the round coupled with the rifled barrel of the 203 shell. The trainer projectile is also reusable, giving the operator the ability to collect the rounds after each shot.

Manufacturer: TAGINN

Color: Black / White


Compatibility: Compatible TAGINN Shell launching device
Material: Polymer

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